The Windy City Burlesque Festival is an annual three day event in Chicago, Illinois occurring each spring which features live burlesque performances by local and international artists. The mission of the festival is to celebrate the present, honor the past, and showcase the future of burlesque performance.[1]

The festival was created in response to the resurgence of the classical theatrical styles and growth of the modern era of burlesque and attempts to encompass all of the multi-disciplinary and theatrical expressions of the art form.[2] As Chicago is historically significant to the rise and influence on American Burlesque, the festival carries on the city's tradition within the American Burlesque movement and the hoochie coochie dancers made famous during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.[3][4]

In addition to live performances, the festival includes classes and workshops put on by performers and local instructors.

Headliners and Featured PerformersModifica

2010 HeadlinersModifica

Foxy Tann (Minneapolis), Anna Fur Laxis (United Kingdom), Kitten deVille (Los Angeles), Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers (San Francisco) Featured Performers: Scarlet James (Montreal), Tanya Cheex (Toronto), Penny Starr Jr. (Los Angeles)

2011 HeadlinersModifica

Michelle L'Amour (Chicago), Indigo Blue (Seattle), Lux LaCroix (Los Angeles) Featured Performers: Foxy Tann (Minneapolis), Anna Fur Laxis (United Kingdom), Kitten deVille (Los Angeles), Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers (San Francisco), The Amazing Tomas (Chicago), Penny Starr Jr. (Los Angeles), Coco Lectric (Austin)


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